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Internal Treatments

Cobra™ Rod

Cobra™ Rod

The Cobra Rod is a highly effective internal wood preservative that significantly extends the service life of wood in all types of structures including utility poles.
Part NumberDescriptionSizeShipping WeightUnit
20009Cobra™ Rod 1/2" X 4"500 per pail27lbs. per pail; 48 pails per pallet (24,000 rods)pail
20050Cobra™ Rod 3/4" x 3"250 per pail34 lbs. per pail; 48 pails per pallet (12,000 rods)pail
20311Cobra™ Rod 1/2" X 4"50 pack3lbs.pack
Impel Rods

Impel Rods

Impel Rods are a safe, low-cost, EPA- approved decay and insect protection and prevention system for wood poles / pilings. They have an appearance similar to glass rods, and are available in three convenient sizes for wood pole protection.  They are internationally recognized in controlling fungal decay, termites, carpenter ants, various beetles, and many other wood boring insects.
Part NumberDescriptionSizeShipping WeightUnit
CF I100 S040Impel Rods 1/2" X 4" 500 per pail31 lbs. per pail; 27 pails per pallet (13,500 rods)rod
CF I100 S041Impel Rods 3/4" x 3"500 per pail51 lbs. per pail; 27 pails per pallet (9,000 rods)rod
CF I100 S054Impel Rods 8mm x 65mm1,000 per pail (27,000 rods per full pallet)21 lbs. per pail; 27 pails per pallet (13,500 rods)rod

Internal & External Liquids

Cu-Nap Concentrate (8% Cu as metal) is a liquid Copper Naphthenate wood preservative that can be diluted with diesel or mineral spirits.  Cu-Nap Concentrate is labeled for the treatment of posts, poles, lumber, siding, boxes, roof shakes and shingles, fence pickets, landscape timbers, cellulose textiles and cordage.
Part NumberDescriptionSizeShipping WeightUnit
PC-QN8QNAP8 - 8% Concentrate5 gallon pail45 lbs.pail
PC-TRTUTenino - RTU Formula6 gallon pail45 lbs.pail

Preservative - Liquid

This copper-borate water-based liquid preservative contains no harmful VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), and is perfect for internally treating voids from decay or insects. CuB can also be combined with a foaming agent to treat insect galleries.
Part NumberDescriptionSizeShipping WeightUnit
23204CuB: Copper-borate water-based liquid preservative (1-gal) 4 x 1 gallon bottles; 27 boxes per pallet45lbs. per box box
23210CuB: Copper-borate water-based liquid preservative (5-gal. per pail)5 gallon per pail; 26 pails per pallet53lbs. per pailpail
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Extending the Service Life of Your Utility Assets for Over 30 Years